Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies


Leveraging our Infrared Optics manufacturing technologies, as well as our Optical System Design  and vertical integration capabilities, LightPath offers both custom and standard lens assemblies for Thermal Imaging in MWIR (3-5um) and LWIR (8-12um).

Our Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies (TILA) utilize a variety of materials, including primarily our proprietary BD6 Chalcogenide Glass. Additionally, both standard and custom assemblies can be offered with standard AR, High Durability AR (HDAR), Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and spectral filter coatings, all developed and produced in-house.

Not only can LightPath customize the design of the assembly or design a new assembly to the customer’s specific requirements, but our team can also develop and customize the optical coatings to include spectral filter coating on the lens to reduce background noise, durable DLC to withstand specific environments and chemicals, and high angle of indigence coating, just to name a few.

For further details, see below our standard lens assemblies, TILA Tutorial or contact us for a custom design for your needs.

Performance Advantages

  • Optical designs utilize high performance aspheric surfaces with diffractive dispersion correction 
  • BD6™ chalcogenide material enables optical athermalization and high transmission; passive athermalization for -40C to +80C  

Precision Glass Molding Expertise 

  • Precision molded lenses using high-quality chalcogenide glass  
  • Precision Glass Molded (PGM) technology is ideal for scaling to high volume while maintaining tight tolerances   

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Cost-effective, global manufacturing capabilities with world-class engineering expertise
  • High-efficiency AR coatings for full LWIR band (8-14 um), with optional DLC added protection


Part NumberWavebandEffective Focal LengthF/#Horizontal FOV (on Specified Detector)Recommended Detector Format (H x V Resolution / Pixel)MaterialDatasheet
7100333LWIR (8-12µm)1.5 mm1.3120°80 x 80 / 34 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100327LWIR (8-12µm)1.9 mm1.390°80 x 80 / 34 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100380LWIR (8-12µm)2.7 mm1.360°80 x 80 / 34 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100410LWIR (8-12µm)4.0 mm1.256°320 x 240 / 12 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100331LWIR (8-12µm)5.3 mm1.342°320 x 240 / 12 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100306LWIR (8-12µm)6.3 mm1.350°320 x 240 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100305LWIR (8-12µm)7.7 mm1.341°320 x 240 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100320LWIR (8-12µm)9 mm1.335°320 x 240 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ SingletDownload
7100340LWIR (8-12µm)15 mm1.225°640 x 512 / 10 µmMolded BD6™ DoubletDownload
7100350LWIR (8-12µm)15 mm125°384 x 288 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ DoubletDownload
7100341LWIR (8-12µm)20 mm1.218°640 x 480 / 10 µmMolded BD6™ DoubletDownload
7100338LWIR (8-12µm)19 mm1.132°640 x 480 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ DoubletDownload
7100346LWIR (8-12µm)24 mm1.226°640 x 480 / 17 µmMolded BD6™ DoubletDownload
7100412LWIR (8-12µm)25 mm125°640 x 480 / 17 µmDT / Molded BD6™ HybridDownload
7100383LWIR (8-12µm)35 mm118°640 x 480 / 17 µmDT / Molded BD6™ HybridDownload
7100353LWIR (8-12µm)50 mm1.212°640 x 480 / 17 µmDt / Molded BD6™ HybridDownload
7100406LWIR (8-12µm)75 mm1640 x 480 / 17 µmGermaniumDownload


Our thermal imaging lens assemblies are assembled in a clean room environment with either active or passive alignment and fully characterized and tested.



Jeremy Huddleston

Imaging Optics Product Manager


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Thermal Imaging Assembly Datasheets