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In-House Opto-Mechanical assembly, alignment and testing available

Active Alignment and MTF measurement in Visible and Infrared

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing. From Glass to Final Assembly

Your Partner for Infrared Imaging Assemblies

Building on LightPath’s many years of expertise in Infrared Imaging, and our in-house engineering capabilities, as well as our extensive optical fabrication, LightPath offers Opto-Mechanical assembly solutions. Our assembly capabilities include lens systems, integrated camera systems, fiber optic assemblies and more. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Lens System Assembly

LightPath offers both Actively aligned as well as passively aligned Lens assembly services. The exact setups and methods are optimized for each assembly and include using both standard equipment such as TriOptics Active Alignment system or custom Our team has extensive experience in both prototyping and high volume production of lens assemblies.

Custom Setups

Often times, custom optical measurement setups are needed for alignment and testing of complex optical systems. Leveraging our extensive experience in engineering and optical design, LightPath develops custom measurement setups for assemblies in production.

Assembly Testing

Integrated into our assembly production lines, quality control and testing of the assemblies is an integral and key part of the assembly process. Whether MTF measurements on axis and off axis, or functionality test of a whole imaging system…
Mention Leak Test, environmental testing…

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Glue Insert 01

Various Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies 01

MTF Testing of Optical Assemblies

Lens Assembly Testing


Custom Fiber Optic Assembly

Prism Test

Optical Assembling

Custom Fiber Setup

Dr. Andy Laser

Electronics Production Station

Controllers Assembly

Custom Setup

Thermal Imaging Lens Assembly Cleaning

Torque Testing of Final Assembly

Thermal Camera Resolution Testing

Glue Insert 02

Various Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies 02

Various Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies 03

Thermal Imaging Lens Assembly Epoxy

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Updated LFS


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