Custom Optical Lens Design

LightPath offers the option to design a custom lens to meet your specifications. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams will work with you to design a lens to meet your unique needs.

Optical Design Capabilities

Laser/Fiber Lenses

  • Collimating and coupling with aspheres
  • Ellipticity/astigmatism correction with acylinders
  • Wavefront, Gaussian beam, physical optics and coupling efficiency simulations

Illumination Lenses

  • Line generators with acylinders
  • Controlled divergence illumination with aspheres

Imaging Lenses

  • Singlet and multi-element designs using aspheres
  • Full image quality and image simulation analysis
  • Athermalization and stray light analysis

Opto-Mechanical Design Capabilities

Mounted Singlets

  • Collimating/coupling lenses mounted with fiber connectors
  • “Mold-in-place” lenses with hermetically sealed outer metal ring
  • Custom lens mounts of various sizes/shapes

Multi-element Lens Assemblies

  • Complex assemblies with precision alignment
  • Imaging assemblies with stray light reduction features

Athermalized Assemblies

  • Passive mechanical compensation to maintain focus

Manual Focus Mechanisms

  • Ergonomic mechanical focus rings
  • Maintains proper boresight characteristics


Design for Manufacturability and Optical Performance Trade-offs Using Precision Glass Molded Aspheric Lenses

Zemax and LPTH

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