Design and Engineering

In-house design, prototyping and production of Electro-optical systems

Work Directly with our Engineering Team on your design

Customized designs to fit your exact system needs


LightPath offers over 35 years of specialized optical design, prototyping and production of custom engineered solutions, optimized to address our customer’s exact needs.

Photonics, being a highly interdisciplinary technology, requires in-depth understanding of multiple fields including optical design, materials, coatings, mechanical design, a-thermalization, and system integration.

Partnering with LightPath allows you to tap into and leverage our extensive experience in delivering value and high performance optical systems.

Optical Design

LightPath’s Optical design team brings years of experience in designing of imaging systems, with a special emphasis on infrared imaging systems. Our team leverages our unique infrared materials, fabrication capabilities, optical coatings, and integration and assembly, to design infrared imaging systems optimized for your needs, with a focus on reducing system’s SWaP. This in particular plays an important role in the fast growing area of multispectral imaging, which allows the imaging of more than one waveband through the same aperture and often through the same optical system.

Opto Mechanical Design

The overall SWaP of your system depends not only on the most effective optical design, but also the mechanical specifications to work with it, reducing weight as much as possible, while still meeting structural and environmental requirements. Special attention is given to A-thermalization.

Thermal Simulation and Design

At times, the stringent environment of our customer’s application requires taking operating temperatures into account with the opto-mechanical design. While most optical systems require passive or active a-thermalization, LightPath specifically uses its unique optical materials, or a combination of, to a-thermalize systems to the greatest extent possible.


Rob Myers

Product Manager