MIP – Optics Molded Directly Into Holders

Demonstration of welding of a Black Diamond lens into place using an IPG YLR-300/3000-QCW Laser, D30 Welding head and IPG’S Compact Multi-Axis system.

MIP – Optics Molded Directly Into Holders

Lenses molded directly into metal holders

Eliminates the need for Epoxy. Lens can be welded into final position

Creates an hermetic seal, reduces outgassing


LightPath’s lenses can be molded directly into metallic inserts of stainless steel and aluminum. These metallic housings then simplify your ability to package by welding or soldering. This can be an ideal value add solution for high volume automated assembly or for applications where strict outgassing requirements preclude the use of epoxy adhesives.

Typical Tolerances

Parameter Typical Tolerance
Focal Length ± 1%
Center Thickness (CT) ± 0.025 mm
Outer Diameter (OD) ± 0.015 mm
Wedge 4 arcmin
Power/Irregularity 3/1 fringes
Surface Roughness 15nm
Surface Quality (scratch/dig) 40/20
Wave Front Error (RMS)  Diffraction Limited
Holder Materials Alumnium, Stainless Steel

Molding Process

Precision glass molding (PGM) is a high-temperature, isothermal, compression process conducted within a very controlled environment. LightPath has an extensive innovative history with glass molding and a uses a unique volumetric approach which eliminates the need for any post processing or edging since the exact volume of the glass (preform) is specifically matched to the final lens.

We custom design and manufacture in our Orlando headquarters the lens specific molds and tooling from a variety of materials using a variety of in-house developed techniques. Our molding stations are also designed and customed in house which allows system reproducibility and process control with our single cavity press stations across our global manufacturing locations.


Lightpath offers both standard, and custom optical coatings for its infrared windows. Those include Anti Reflective (AR), High Durability AR, Spectral Filters, and protective Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings (for infrared optics).

All three of our global facilities are vertically integrated and include in-house coating and testing. For further information about available coatings please visit our coatings page or contact us.

Product Gallery

Chalcogenide Lens Welded Into Stainless Steel Holder

Asphere MIP 2

Asphere MIP 4

BD6 Lens Molded Directly Into Aluminum Housing

BD6 Lens Molded Directly Into Anodized Aluminum Housing

Glass Aspheres Molded into SS Metal Holder

Insert Molded Aspheric Lenses

Laser Collimating Aspherical Lens Molded Directly into a Threaded Metal Housing

Miniature Aspherical Lenses Molded Directly into Metal Ring and Welded into a Housing

Molded Asphere Molded Directly into Stainless Steel Threaded Housing

391206 BD Aspheric Lenses Molded Directly into Threaded Anodized Rings

Telecom Aspheric Lenses Molded Directly into their Metal Housing

Variety of Glass Aspheres Molded Directly into Housings 2

Variety of Glass Aspheres Molded Directly into Housings

Telecom Aspheric Lens Molded Into Metal Mount

Aspheric Lens Molded Into Metal Cap

Aspherical Lens Molded Into a Metal Tube With Hermetic Sealing

BD6 Lens Molded Directly Into Metal Holder

Glass Aspheric Lens Molded Into Brass Holder

Lens Molded Into Metal Ring

Lenses Molded Into Metal Ring and Welded Into Final Holder

Micro Aspheric Lens Molded Into a Threaded Holded

Small Aspheric Lens Molded Into Metal Mount


Rob Myers

Product Manager