Fiber Optic Collimators

Fiber Optic Collimators

Fused Fiber and air gap Collimators available

Singlemode, multimode or Polarization maintaining fibers

Custom fiber optic assemblies


LightPath Fusion™ Collimators and fiber optic assemblies utilize proprietary fiber fusion technology that allows collimators to be used at higher powers for pairing, targeting, or pigtailing applications. The lens is laser fused directly to the optical fiber, eliminating any interface causing unwanted signal distortion, photo-degradation, and space shifting issues with temperature and service life. Recognized by commercial and scientific industry leaders for offering unmatched stability against other technologies in various environmental conditions, as well as perfectly suited for extremely small packages.

With LightPath Laser Fusion and sophisticated assembly processes, the fiber optic assembly puts an end to any glass-to-air interface and simplifies the component layout. This eliminates surface effects and damages caused by 405nm laser irradiation that is generally experienced by unprotected fibers operating just a few milliwatts of continuous power transmission. In addition, the design stabilizes movement toward the target and delivers high laser-quality, essential for smooth signal transmission. Therefore, the time and speed of the photons are very well reserved, and it is possible to check the security of the transmitted key.

Typical Tolerances

Parameter Specification
Wavelengths 400 to 1550
Fiber Types Single Mode │ Multimode │Polarization Maintain │ LMA
Fiber Acrylate coating │ Polyimide coating
Cable Diameters 250um; 900um; 3mm; Custom options
Cable Types Buffer Coating │ Hytrel │ PTFE │ PVC+ Kevlar │ Armour
Connector FC/APC; FC/PC; SC/PC; Pigtail
Beam Diameters 0.2 to 12.5mm (Single-Mode)
Polarization Ration >100:1 (Pigtails)
Connector Key Alignment Slow and Fast Axis
Coupling Efficiency >70%
Pointing Accuracy <1.0° Standard │<0.5° Premium (Based on Design)
Power Handling >10W Small Beams & Large Beams│ 100W Premium Designs
Return Loss ≤60dB (Typical)
Anti-Reflective Coatings 400 to 1550; Reflective ≤ 0.5%; custom options available
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C


Lightpath offers both standard, and custom optical coatings for its infrared lenses. Those include Anti Reflective (AR), High Durability AR, protective Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings, as well as optional long pass, short pass and band pass filters.

All three of our global facilities are vertically integrated and include in-house coating and testing. For further information about available coatings please visit our coatings page or contact us.

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