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LightPath Announces Factory Expansion in Riga, Latvia for New Production Coating Facility to Accommodate Increased Infrared Demand

By January 21, 2021April 2nd, 2021No Comments

LightPath Technologies, Inc., today announced the completion of its factory expansion for new infrared coating capabilities at its Riga, Latvia facility as part of its global production capacity expansion.

Sam Rubin, President and Chief Executive Officer of LightPath, stated, “Demand for our Infrared products has been increasing as we have been reporting record backlog and facing capacity constraints for some time. The new infrared coating capabilities in our Riga facility will enable us to further streamline our operations, as well as add coating capacity in this high growth part of the business. This expansion is part of our broader capital expenditure program for fiscal 2021 and our strategy for vertically integrating our manufacturing platform for optics and optical assemblies throughout our global facilities. As a result, we have become more responsive to our customers, reduced lead times and production costs, and enabled incremental top line growth.”

The newly established coating facility in Riga is primarily focused on infrared coatings. Commercial production has commenced for high durability Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) infrared coatings for optics made from materials such as Germanium, Silicon, and chalcogenides, such as LightPath’s proprietary Black Diamond (“BD6”) chalcogenide glass.

DLC coatings protect infrared lenses against harsh environmental conditions and are a requirement for many applications that demand resilient coatings that can withstand severe abrasion. Applications such as thermal imaging for firefighting, as well as military and defense applications, benefit from the protections offered by DLC coatings.

“This state-of-the-art coating capability augments the coating capacity already in place at our Orlando headquarters and our high-volume manufacturing facility in Zhenjiang, China,” stated Rob Myers, Product Manager at LightPath. “Adding this capability to our Riga factory streamlines the production process in Riga. Optical fabrication, optical assembly, and high-performance coatings can now all be done at a single facility, reducing lead times and expanding our coating capacity worldwide.”

Customers and supply chain partners should contact Rob Myers at for more information.