Performance and Customization

Choose from a Variety of Form Factors for Custom Designs


LightPath’s unique molding process allows us to custom manufacture lenses based on specific requirements. We can provide lenses in a number of different form factors from a simple aspheric lens, to a lens array, and even a lens molded into a metal housing. Some of LightPath’s lens molding capabilities include:

  • Lens Arrays
  • Anamorphic Lenses
  • Insert Molding (molded into a metal holder)
  • Cylindrical Metal Holders
  • Square Holders
  • T-Holders
  • Custom Holders

C-Lens (Molded Aspheric)

Custom available C-Type Aspheric lenses (collimating rods) are offered as part of the small beam air-gap collimator assembly. These are available as molded lenses having an angled plano surface on one end to prevent back reflections and an aspheric surface on the other. Compared with our standard molded aspheres, these lenses offer the same superior optical performance, however, in a rod form compatible with fiber integration. These lenses offer unprecedented technological advantages for low loss fiber coupling applications such as optical telecommunications, and advanced aerospace communication systems.

Numerical Aperture

Our molded aspheric lenses are available with numerical apertures ranging from 0.15 up to 0.77. Applications that would use a low numerical aperture include bar code scanners, surveying instruments, and small weapons sights. High numerical aperture applications include data storage and industrial printing.

Shapes and Sizes

With lenses available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, up to 23mm in diameter, LightPath will be able to provide you with the perfect lens for your unique application.

Diffractive Hybrid Lenses

Combining a refractive aspheric lens with a diffractive feature can achieve sophisticated beam shaping of laser light. Diffractive hybrid lenses can also be used to make a system achromatic over a range of wavelengths. LightPath hybrid lenses can be customized to each application.

Diffraction Limited Performance

Most LightPath lenses are designed to be diffraction limited, and are measured on a phase shift interferometer.


By leveraging our broad optical component portfolio, LightPath has been implementing sophisticated integrated
optical assemblies. Our in-house engineering staff can design custom assemblies, including complex imaging systems for camera systems, to your exact specifications. Additional services include thermal analysis and athermalization for better performance across a large temperature range.

Glass Dicing and Lens Edging

LightPath has the ability to dice lenses and glass to precision shapes and sizes. We can dice optics within a tolerance of ±5μm and hold edge chipping <15μm depending on the condition of glass used. In addition, we can dice lens center lined to edge within microns. We have experience in dicing lens arrays, wafers and custom lens shapes. LightPath uses multi-blade dicing gangs to increase our capacity to dice in higher volumes.


LightPath offers the option to design a custom lens to meet your specifications. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams will work with you to design a lens to meet your unique needs. LightPath also offers a wide range of custom coatings. Custom coatings include dual band, triple band, and V anti-reflection coatings. LightPath can also provide reflectivity coatings for aspheric mirror applications.

Insert Molding

LightPath’s lenses can be molded directly into metallic holders, allowing the lenses to be welded or soldered into the package and eliminating the need to use epoxy. This can be an ideal solution for high volume automated assembly or in applications where strict outgassing requirements preclude the use of epoxy adhesives.

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