Glass Materials

There are well over 200 available moldable glass types. LightPath focuses on a select few types in order to provide our customers with the fastest lead times at the lowest cost.

Index and Dispersion of LightPath Moldable Glasses

Glass Transmission Chart

D-ZK3- 354xxx Series of Lenses

This glass is best suited for those applications that require a low-cost glass for higher volume manufacturing.

D-ZLaF52La355xxx Series of Lenses

D-ZLAF52La combines a higher index of refraction than D-ZK3 and lower dispersion than K-PSFn202, while being economical for high volume application.

D-LaK6 – 357xxx Series of Lenses

These glasses have been selected for their outstanding UV & Blue transmission properties.

H-FK61 – 353xxx Series of Lenses

This glass has outstanding performance across a wide range of wavelengths from 350nm through 4μm.

L-LAL12 – 356xxx Series of Lenses

Best suited for short wavelength applications due to outstanding UV and blue transmission properties.

K-PSFn202  – 374xxx  Series of Lenses

This glass has the highest index available for visible and NIR applications, allowing very high numerical aperture lenses to be manufactured.

BD-6  – 391xxx  Series of Lenses

This LWIR moldable glass, manufactured in-house by LightPath, has excellent transmission from 2 – 14μm and is a perfect choice for SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR applications.

BD-2  – 390xxx  Series of Lenses

This moldable glass, manufactured in-house by LightPath, is ideal for applications above 180°C and SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR applications.

Material Properties

Lens CodeGlass TypeRefractive IndexAbbe NumberCTEdn/dTEquivalent Glasses
352xxxECO-5501.60350.0211.62 x 10-6/°C
2.39 x 10-6/°C
353xxxH-FK611.49581.2013.8 x 10-6/°C
-6.6 x 10-6/°C
Hoya-FCD1 & Ohara S-FPL51
354xxxD-ZK31.58660.717.6 x 10-6/°C
3.2 x 10-6/°C
Hoya M-BACD5N & Ohara L-BAL35
355xxxD-ZLaF52La1.80640.796.9 x 10-6/°C
6.5 x 10-6/°C
Ohara L-LAH53, Hoya M-NBFD130, Sumita K-VC89
356xxxL-LAL121.67455.006.9 x 10-6/°C
6.5 x 10-6/°C
357xxxD-LaK61.69052.656.9 x 10-6/°C
6.5 x 10-6/°C
Hoya M-LAC130 & Ohara L-LAL13
374xxxK-PSFn2022.02321.17.4 x 10-6/°C19.2 x 10-6/°CN/A