LightPath’s expertise includes chalcogenide glass, diamond turning, fused fiber collimators, infrared crystals, CNC polishing, precision molded glass aspheres, infrared lenses and thermal imaging assemblies. LightPath also offers full engineering design support for both optics and mechanics. The Company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with manufacturing and sales offices in Riga, Latvia and Zhenjiang and Shanghai, China.

Optical Design

LightPath offers the option to design a custom lens to meet your specifications. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams will work with you to design a lens to meet your unique needs.

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LightPath offers standard and custom-made lenses, all designed by our expert optical design engineers or manufactured to your print.

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There are well over 200 available moldable glass types. LightPath focuses on a select few types in order to provide our customers with the fastest lead times at the lowest cost.

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By leveraging our broad optical component portfolio, LightPath has been implementing sophisticated integrated optical assemblies.

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LightPath offers a variety of optical coatings to support your optical needs and achieve the best performance from your systems.

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