Thermal Imaging Assemblies

  • Molded lenses using LightPath high-quality chalcogenide glass
  • Provides wavelength range of 8 μm - 14 μm
  • Passive athermalization for -40°C to +85°C
  • High-volume, cost effective manufacturing
  • Designed for uncooled IR sensors

  LightPath’s Infrared Lens Assemblies are specifically designed to be a lower cost replacement for standard infrared optical lens assemblies. These infrared lens assemblies integrate our LightPath molded lenses into a complete ready-to-use package. Molded infrared lenses are a lower cost substitute for traditional high volume diamond-turned optics.


  Our in-house engineering staff can design custom assemblies, including complex imaging systems for thermal imaging camera systems, to your exact specifications. Additional services include thermal analysis and athermalization for better performance across a large temperature range.

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