Small Beam Collimators


•  Aspheric lens profile
•  Fiber laser fused directly to lens
•  Superior coupling efficiency
•  Small form factor


Small Beam collimators are designed for producing collimated beams with beam waists under a millimeter.  Small beam collimators are manufactured from a fused silica rod lens with an aspheric surface  and are typically used at 1064, 1310 or 1550 nm.


LightPath's Small Beam Collimators are produced with our patented laser fusion technology. This process fuses the fiber end directly to the optical center of the lens - eliminated epoxy within the optical path. The collimator lens surface is then laser polished to within a millionth of an inch of ideal shape, providing extremely low insertion loss. This high piece-to-piece quality translates to a more efficient assembly process.

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