Thermal Imaging Assemblies

Infrared Optics

Infrared lenses designed for thermal imaging cameras operating in the mid-wave and long-wave infrared (MWIR, LWIR) bands, for applications such as thermography, diagnostics, security and surveillance.

    LightPath’s infrared lens assemblies are a cost effective replacement for traditional diamond turned infrared lenses. LightPath’s molded lenses provide exceptional value for high volume applications and are coated and assembled into threaded housings.

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    Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies

    Part NumberMaterialEffective Focal LengthF/#Recommended Detector Format (H x V Resolution / Pixel)Horizontal FOV (on Specified Detector)
    7100333Molded BD6™1.5 mm1.380 x 80 / 34 µm120°
    7100327Molded BD6™1.9 mm1.380 x 80 / 34 µm90°
    7100380Molded BD6™2.7 mm1.380 x 80 / 34 µm60°
    7100331Molded BD6™5.3 mm1.3320 x 240 / 12 µm42°
    Molded BD6™6.3 mm1.3320 x 240 / 17 µm50°
    Molded BD6™7.7 mm1.3320 x 240 / 17 µm41°

    Molded BD6™9 mm1.3320 x 240 / 17 µm35°
    7100340Molded BD6™15 mm1.2640 x 512 / 10 µm25°
    7100350Molded BD6™15 mm1.0384 x 288 / 17 µm25°

    Molded BD6™19 mm1.1640 x 480 / 17 µm 32°
    7100341Molded BD6™20 mm1.2640 x 480 / 10 µm18°
    7100346Molded BD6™24 mm1.2640 x 480 / 17 µm 26°
    Molded BD6™35 mm1.0640 x 480 / 17 µm 18°
    7100353Molded BD6™50 mm1.2640 x 480 / 17 µm 12°

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    LightPath’s products and technologies are designed for applications such as Aerospace, Automotive Lidar, Automotive Sensor, Commercial, Datacom, Firefighting, Government, Industrial Instrumentation, Life Sciences, Medical Instrumentation, Military, Research & Development, Sensor (visible), and Sensor (Infrared).


    • Precision molded lenses using high-quality chalcogenide glass
    • Passive athermalization for -40°C to +85°C
    • High-volume, cost effective manufacturing
    • Full design support for custom optics and mechanics from Our on-hand experienced engineering team


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    LightPath Technologies is an optical solution company that is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of visible and infrared optical components and sub-systems, based on world class optical manufacturing technology.

    From concept through prototyping, volume production, and global distribution, LightPath has the optical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to be your optics partner every step of the way.

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