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Made from our proprietary axially gradient index glass (as opposed to traditional radially gradient index) to reduce aberrations in large-beam, high power applications, where aspheric lenses are cost prohibitive.

Ideal for high power applications, GRADIUM® lenses and their gradient-index structure often allow a GRADIUM® singlet to replace a conventional spherical doublet. GRADIUM® lenses can be custom designed for visible or near infrared applications in diameters from 5 mm to over 100 mm. GRADIUM® doublets are also available for better achromatic performance and can equal the performance of conventional triplets.

GRADIUM® lenses can be exploited to reduce spherical aberrations – resulting in performance similar to single-term aspheres. As a result many of the world’s largest fiber laser manufacturers incorporate GRADIUM® optics in their laser delivery systems. GRADIUM® lenses have been applied as simple singlets or doublets in complex multi-element systems. LightPath’s achromatic doublets are designed for use with collimated, polychromatic light in the visible spectrum. The GRADIUM® glass element is used to reduce the spherical aberration which is a common side effect of a cemented doublet design.

The dispersion, as well as the optical index, varies in a controlled fashion within the lens. A finished lens can be viewed as a seamless, contiguous combination of many glass types. This continuous variation results in a transfer aberration correction not possible with homogeneous lenses.

GRADIUM® lenses should be used wherever small spot size, high numerical aperture (NA), increased beam energy, or excellent wavefront quality is important. A GRADIUM® singlet does not have the limited laser damage threshold of a conventional cemented doublet, so laser power can be increased, leading to increased production throughput.

LightPath’s products and technologies are designed for applications such as Aerospace, Automotive Lidar, Automotive Sensor, Commercial, Datacom, Firefighting, Government, Industrial Instrumentation, Life Sciences, Medical Instrumentation, Military, Research & Development, Sensor (visible), and Sensor (Infrared).

  • Gradient index lenses for high-power laser delivery
  • Aspheric performance
  • Smaller focused spot size
  • Delivers single lens replacement for conventional doublets
  • Provides high performance at a cost effective price
  • Standard designs with diameters from 5 mm to 80 mm


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