Geltech™ aspheric glass lenses mounted in standard fiber-connector housings, for use in coupling and collimating applications in the visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavebands.

    LightPath Technologies produces a wide range of products designed to collect light from a fiber optic cable and produce a collimated beam.

    LightPath’s line of Connectorized Collimator Assemblies combine the outstanding performance of glass molded aspheric lenses with the ease of assembly of a fiber connector interface.

    LightPath’s Large Beam Fusion Fiber Collimators utilize patented fiber fusion technology to enable the collimators to be used at very high power. The collimators incorporate LightPath’s proprietary GRADIUM® lens technology, providing aspheric-like performance in a cost effective package.

    LightPath’s Small Beam Collimators are produced with our patented laser fusion technology. This process fuses the fiber end directly to the optical center of the lens – eliminated epoxy within the optical path. The collimator lens surface is then laser polished to within a millionth of an inch of ideal shape, providing extremely low insertion loss. This high piece-to-piece quality translates to a more efficient assembly process.


    • Connectorized Collimators provide a simple low cost assembly for the collimation of light from a fiber patch cord.
    • LightPath’s Large Beam Collimators are ideal for high power laser delivery systems. Utilizes GRADIUM lenses or aspheric lenses for optimal performance.
    • Small Beam Collimators are designed to collimate light from a fiber using a fused micro lens on the end of a fiber to produce a beam diameter between 0.7 mm and 1.2 mm.


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    LightPath Technologies is an optical solution company that is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of visible and infrared optical components and sub-systems, based on world class optical manufacturing technology.

    From concept through prototyping, volume production, and global distribution, LightPath has the optical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to be your optics partner every step of the way.

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