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Infrared systems have grown rapidly in recent years in a broad spectrum of applications including:

  • Thermal Imaging and thermography
  • Gas sensing and spectroscopy
  • Security and surveillance
  • Automotive vision enhancement
  • Manufacturing process control and inspection
  • Target tracking and identification

These applications demand infrared systems that utilize only the highest quality and most precise optics. LightPath Technologies is taking the same revolutionary technology that has made us a global leader in molded glass aspheres to infrared applications.  Using highly experienced designers and engineers, LightPath's unwavering dedication results in both quality and customer satisfaction.


Leaders in chalcogenide glass

LightPath is a pioneer in the development, design and manufacture of infrared optics made from molded glass chalcogenides. Major benefits of molding infrared glass versus competing technologies include:

  • Cost effectiveness - Molding is inherently less expensive versus competing technologies for volume applications and chalcongenide is a more cost effective material than most other IR materials.
  • Higher quality - Aspheres, the gold standard for optics, are easy to manufacture via molding leading to much higher quality optical systems for both imaging and laser optics applications.
  • Superior performance - Chalcogenide glasses have superior thermal performance compared to other IR materials and can be used in environments up to 130°C with much smaller focal shifts.

As the ideal partner for your infrared optics design and volume manufacturing, LightPath is ready to be with you every step of the way.


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